MOC/MOC blogs for y’all

Hey all, I happen to be an MOC who is extremely attracted to femmes and feminine-presenting people, but I know that’s not everyone’s experience. In fact, I’ve recently had a lot of followers reach out and ask for some support as MOC people who are attracted to other MOC people.  So, here is a short, non-comprehensive list of MOC/MOC blogs.

These two blogs actually offer advice to butch, MOC, GQ, etc. people who are attracted to likewise masculine-presenting people: - is regularly updated; the writer is a butch partnered to another butch. she has great things to offer and takes questions. - this blog hasn’t been updated in a while, but the archive has good advice

The following are not advice or relationship blogs, just tumblrs written and curated by MOCs who are dating other MOCs:

If anyone has suggestions or edits or other issues with this list please let me know.

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