Anonymous asked:
I saw one of your pics where you are wearing dark jeans and a black v-neck. Can I ask where you got those clothes? I am always looking for the perfect black v neck and jeans combo. I usually stick with men's v-necks, but with jeans I usually go with womens. I have a bit of a butt, so alot of times mens jeans dont fit me quite right. Anyhow, you look great in the outfit, definitely my favorite, simple yet sharp!

Thanks! I have had a lot of trouble figuring out exactly what men’s clothing will fit me the way I want in the past, but after a lot of trial and error I have it down to a science, haha. In that picture I was wearing an XS v-neck from urban outfitters and Levi’s 511 rigids.

vconscious asked:
I love your blog. I have gotten so much inspiration from it. I'm hoping that I can give you inspiration too with my first mixtape called "Agenderless." I cannot include the link but if you go to Datpiff and type in "Agenderless" you will find it easily. If you will, listen and enjoy, and if you like it please, please share. It's a short and free tape! I guarentee a great experience. Thank you for your time and thank you for your blog, I have felt so connected to MOC fashion and MOC figures.

Thank you for the love! Let’s give it a listen!